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Murfreesboro Lawn Tips For February

February 17, 2019

There are a few times a year when it is critical for you to take some preemptive steps to ensure that you have a beautiful and healthy lawn and landscape.  Late winter (now) is one of those times!  Let’s take a look at what you should be doing now to make sure that you have the yard you desire for this growing season.


February is the time in Middle Tennessee to apply your first application of pre-emergence.  It is important to do this before the end of the first week of March.  You will then reapply in April based on our weather patterns.  We strongly recommend you visit Dickens Turf and Supply to purchase your chemicals or contact a local weed control company to determine the right product for your lawn.  This application will also include a fertilizer, and many times, a post-emergent herbicide to kill weeds that are already in your lawn.  Some of you may read this and ask the question, “What is pre-emergent?”  Well, this application creates a barrier in the soil to prevent many types of weeds and unwanted grasses from ever taking over your lawn.  Not getting this barrier down in time allows these unwanted weeds to rear their ugly head later in the year.  Once these weeds are in your lawn, they become quite an eyesore to your lawn. 

Tree Pruning

Next, late winter and early spring is a great time to prune back the majority of trees.  Yes, this is the time to prune your crepe myrtles.  It is important to use proper techniques when doing this.  We now have the convenience of YouTube to learn how to properly prune these trees.  We encourage you to either contact us to prune these properly for you or for you to study up before possibly injuring your tree when pruning.

Ornamental Grasses

Additionally, late winter is also a great time for you cut back your monkey grasses, fountain grasses, and other types of annual grasses.  You want to do this now so that you can have these trimmed back before the grass begins its new growth.

The Lawn Guy

In conclusion, right now is the best time to call around and find the best lawn company to provide you with, not only the above services, but all lawn services.  Lawn care companies begin to get very busy in March and will stay very busy.  We recommend you make an appointment today with a few companies to obtain estimates and research which company is best for you.  Getting ahead of the lawn rush is always a good thing.  It allows you to reserve your spot and become a priority to your lawn care company before companies quit taking new customers due to being booked.