LawnPro of Murfreesboro


LawnPro Of Murfreesboro is always looking to add great people to our fast growing company. We are looking for men and women that want to be a part of making our customers smile when they see the results we deliver. At our company you won’t be just an employee rather you will be an integral part of the process in making a piece of land a beautiful yard or landscape. Whether you apply for a desk job or a job in the field you will be making homeowners proud of their lawn, kids happier when they can play without mosquito bites, dogs free from fleas and ticks, and you will be making Middle Tennessee more beautiful with every job you complete.

Lawncare is an environment you can work in and not do the same thing day in and day out. You aren’t stuck in the same place every single minute of every single day. A person gets to enjoy the outdoors while at the same time knowing that they are a part of something that is bringing joy to others.

LawnPro Of Murfreesboro is a place that loves to see its employees grow on the job and in life. The owner Kevin Davis has a degree in business, 17 years of working in the corporate world and over 5 years of lawn and landscaping experience. He will be eager to help people either grow in the lawn care industry or help them learn critical skills to be successful in the job that they may be aspiring to have later in life.

About LawnPro of Murfreesboro

We are currently hiring the following positions:

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Mowing Crew Leader

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Weedeating Technicians

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Landscaping Crew Leader

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Weed Control and Fertilization Route Manager