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Who Are We?

We are the lawn service you keep! Making every lawn that we service beautiful isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. When we leave your yard, we want a smile on our face, and we want our technicians to feel proud of the yard they have manicured for you. Most importantly, when you arrive home, we want you to feel that you have obtained a yard service more valuable than what you have paid for.

About LawnPro of Murfreesboro
Kevin Davis

About the Owner

LawnPro of Murfreesboro is owned by Kevin Davis. Kevin was born and raised in Murfreesboro. He graduated from Riverdale High School then received his Bachelor’s Degree in business at MTSU. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 18 years and is the father of two beautiful girls. For 17 years, Kevin worked in the financial industry, and he was a branch manager at a local bank for many of those years. Over these years, Kevin learned the business skills that would later allow him to effectively run his own landscaping company. Kevin learned the technical skills of his business from years of renovating and maintaining baseball fields in the community. Landscaping has long been a passion of Kevin’s, and he is glad that he finally made the jump to start doing what he has a passion for.

Kevin has been and is very active in the community. Currently, Kevin coaches both daughters on their respective softball teams. Previously, he coached baseball for 12 years, and six of those were spent as head baseball coach at local middle schools. Kevin served as the Little League president for 3 years and the Optimist Club president for 3 years. He has served on many local boards in the community with the purpose of serving others. Kevin is a deacon at his church and was the college ministry leader for 5 years.

Born and raised in Murfreesboro, Kevin loves his community. His many years of leading and serving others has allowed him to truly understand how people want to be treated. The years of coaching shows that people trust Kevin with their most prized possessions. Kevin’s extensive experience with baseball fields, which are arguably the most beautiful yards in the county, have made him skilled to take care of lawn maintenance. Call Kevin today and let him show you how LawnPro of Murfreesboro is different!

Our Promise


Our employees will be well trained, in uniform and professional. Our employees will also be well paid so that we can better ensure a quality result every time LawnPro of Murfreesboro provides a service. We treat our employees great so that they will be eager to treat our clients and their yards with great respect and care.

LawnPro Murfreesboro Promise


The number one reason that we have heard for people leaving their current lawn service is that there was a lack of dependability. It’s not just a service issue, but rather an issue of simply not showing up consistently. LawnPro of Murfreesboro will always be there when we say we will. Are we saying that rain or other non-controllable issues won’t arise? No. However, we promise that if there is an uncontrollable reason for us to not show up then we most certainly will notify you.

Whether you choose to use LawnPro of Murfreesboro or not, we urge you to use a reputable business and not some person that simply mows lawns on the side. Often these types of individuals will be “missing” when they aren’t currently needing the money.


We believe our service is the best because we do not view our work as work. Lawn care is truly a passion for all of us at LawnPro of Murfreesboro. You can trust in us because we will care for your property as if we live there, too!

LawnPro Murfreesboro Promise

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